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Who are our Massage Therapists?

John Dorion
I grew up playing all kinds of competitive sports and over time, one injury after another, my body began to pay for it. With the help of regular massage therapy, I was able to treat those injuries and prevent most of them from ever happening again. Seeing first hand how effective massage was for me and many of my team mates eventually led me to consider it as a career.  I graduated from Grant MacEwans 2200 hour massage therapy program in 2009.  Shortly after I began working alongside the other professionals at Baseline Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and have been here ever since.

Crissie Schlemko
Massage Therapy seemed like such a natural choice for my career. I grew up giving my dadback rubs, fixing those muscles that were tight. When I was a teenager i started having problems with my own back, whether it was from quading, seadoo rides or other various water sports, so I sought the help of a massage therapist and it worked wonders! That’s when I knew this was the career for me, after a few years down in Phoenix, I moved home and with the support of my family and boyfriend I began my journey in massage school. I graduated from MH Vicars Remedial Massage program in 2014.

Shelley Martin

Being a Massage Therapist has been a “lifelong” dream! In the past 28 years, I have always had a career that revolves around medical care. From being an ambulance attendant, to working in a Chiropractic Office, and also doing Palliative Care in nursing homes in the past, has given me the opportunity to have treated and cared for a diverse population of individuals.  I am now a graduate from the 3000 hour Clinical Registered Massage Therapy 2 year Diploma Program through Makami College in Edmonton.

Regarding my current and future clients, their safety, comfort, confidentiality and trust are PARAMOUNT. I truly respect client boundaries and their vulnerability when they are lying on my treatment table, and I always put myself in their “shoes” and what my expectations would be if we were to trade places. In my opinion, when you are paying for a professional service, that’s precisely what you should be getting! We all feel pain the same as the next person, and I strive to improve my client’s quality of life, so they can continue to function with activities of daily living hopefully PAIN FREE!