Who are our Massage Therapists?

Baseline Massage Therapists....Here to Help You.

Crissie Schlemko
Massage Therapy seemed like such a natural choice for my career. I grew up giving my dadback rubs, fixing those muscles that were tight. When I was a teenager i started having problems with my own back, whether it was from quading, seadoo rides or other various water sports, so I sought the help of a massage therapist and it worked wonders! That’s when I knew this was the career for me, after a few years down in Phoenix, I moved home and with the support of my family and boyfriend I began my journey in massage school. I graduated from MH Vicars Remedial Massage program in 2014.

Keziah Ragui
Keziah’s bio is still a work in progress, but for those who have seen her you know what an amazing massage she gives and how lucky we are to have her at BCWC!

Jon Randall
I have been practicing Massage Therapy professionally since 2018, but I have been aware of the powers of massage since much earlier than that.  I used to really struggle with migraines until I learned how to relieve my own symptoms.
And so I am a passionate and dedicated practitioner of holistic treatment. I love empowering clients to reconnect with their bodies and educating them how to live healthier, more balanced lives.
I encourage clients to rejoin with the present moment through coached breath. As a Massage Therapist, I really enjoy the bridge between western and alternative medicine.  Massage therapy is a combination of science and art that allows a comfortable and professional atmosphere in which for us to heal.
I am proficient in therapeutic, relaxational and prenatal work and love learning anything about science, especially when it involves the human body.  I believe my long history of customer service is what allows me to build that ever-so-important report with my clients, quickly and easily.  In the end its really about that connection.


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